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November Issue 2008
by Tom Starland


If it's not too late - get out and vote! All votes count - even the ones I don't agree with. The important thing is to exercise your right and freedom to be able to vote.

We Feel Your Pain - Feel Ours

We got a few calls from folks who sent us press releases last month, but were disappointed to see that they didn't make it into the printed version of the paper. Believe me, I wish I could fit them all in - it would make my job as editor and publisher a lot easier. But, the reality is we are NOT a non-profit paper which receives funding from government sources to provide this information. We ARE a business and our space is limited by the amount of advertising we receive each month. I don't determine the size of the paper.

Last month we received 77 press releases by deadline and were only able to fit 28 in the printed paper. All 77 press release we received were posted on our website. Those that came in after deadline and still had dates running into November were saved for consideration for this month - the others were just put aside. Deadlines are something we just have to live with.

Before the first of October came we had already received dozens of press releases for exhibits taking place in November. It's like trying to hold back the waters behind Hoover Dam when the flood gates are stuck open.

In these troubled economic times everyone is looking for as much publicity as they can get. We try to fit in as much as we can and be fair to as many as possible - advertisers and non-advertisers alike. We have pleaded in the past for people to write shorter articles, but many have disregarded this plea, tying our hands even further in fitting in as much as possible.

All I can do is hope that things will change in the future. Hopefully they will be changing this month.

The good news is - everything we receive by deadline goes on our website and we're averaging 250,000 hits a month. So even if you send us a press release and it doesn't make the printed paper - it's getting exposure on our website.

NC Pottery Center Fundraising Update

Unless you have been keeping up with my blog at Carolina Arts Unleashed (found on our website - here's the latest total on the fundraising efforts to save the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove, NC. They have now taken in $81,419 and I'm sure that figure is higher by now as it just keeps moving up. I would hope that by the next issue we will be able to report that they have reached the $90,000 mark where a private couple in NC will pitch in the remaining $10,000 to top off the campaign.

There are a lot of fundraising opportunities still ongoing and you can find a link to info about them at Carolina Arts Unleashed - then click on the link for Potters for NC Pottery Center.

You can still be part of this historic recovery by donating $25 electronically at the Center's website at (

Art For The Holidays

The holiday season is almost here and this year more than most - you probably hope to get the most for your gift-giving budget. Here's a tip - buy art.

Art comes in all price ranges and many galleries and art organizations are making it easy for you by hosting holiday gift-buying exhibits.

You don't even have to buy a work of art to give art to someone. You can purchase a membership to an art organization, give someone a workshop, make a donation in someone's name, give a friend an art book, or even buy yourself a set of watercolors.

A gift of art can last much longer than the latest trendy gadget or a new pair of gloves. And, it will make you look like the coolest person in the room - a thoughtful, inspired person who went the extra mile - for a co-worker, friend, loved one or you could even treat yourself. Go ahead - it's allowed. After this year - you deserve it.


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