Past Comments

December Issue 2003
by Tom Starland

It's That Time Of Year Again

The Season of Giving - the shopping, the buying, the charging, the giving, the nutmeg, the fruitcake, the new pair of gloves from grandma, the unraveling of strands of lights, the trip to the relatives, etc., etc. (fill in your own politically correct events). Then comes the Season of Paying - which seems to go on much longer than the previous season.

And, my message this year, as it is every year - if you're going to give and you know you'll have to pay - why not give art - something that will last a long time.

You don't have to go out an buy a $25,000 painting - but, if you can afford it - please do and tell the artist or gallery you got the idea here. Original art can be purchased at just about any level. Reproductions are even less expensive, but original work is the best. Besides giving art, you can give the give of membership, make a donation, or give lessons. Just give art and support our advertisers.

Fitting It All In

No one is immune from the power of the editor - even the editor and publisher. If you think it's been hard to fit everything we receive each month into 40 pages - try doing it in 32 pages. Working with eight pages less this month has not been easy. We even had to turn down the City of Charleston's Office of Cultural Affairs that wanted to take out a full-page ad to thank the artists who donated art that was auctioned last month to benefit the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. How can this be?

We have to add four pages at a time. It's a simple case of having no room left in a 32 page paper and not enough ads to support a 36 page paper - darn! I hate it when that happens. See the rest of what didn't fit in on our website.

Internet Bonus Commentary - Coming Soon!

Well, we don't have that space problem here, but then again, we didn't have much more to say at the end of the year anyway. Next month we'll have plenty to say. And, we'll all see if the City of Charleston comes through with that fullpage ad to thank all those artists who supported the Piccolo Spoleto Benefit Art Auction. Or, will that idea get filed away with their press releases that never seem to make it our way.


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