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February Issue 2010

Mooresville Artist Guild in Mooresville, NC, Features New Exhibits

The Mooresville Artist Guild in Mooresville, NC, will present several new exhibits at The Depot, on view from Feb. 2 - 28, 2010, including: works by Peggy Edwards Jones  in Gallery 1; Lisa E. Carver in Gallery 2; Mary Setzer in Gallery 3; and works by MAG volunteers in the warehouse.

Peggy Edwards Jones

Peggy Edwards Jones has painted in watercolor since her retirement in 1966. Her favorite subject is landscapes. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Giverny France, Statesville, NC, Mooresville, NC, Troutman, NC and Asheville, NC. Jones is an active member of the Mooresville Artist Guild, serving as a board member and secretary.

Lisa E. Carver has painted since she was 10 years old. Her primary focus was watercolor, acrylic, oil and pen and ink. After a 20 year absence, she began painting again in 2009 at the urging of a friend. Carver is also an accomplished photographer. 

Mary Setzer teaches an ongoing pastel class and two ongoing adult art classes at the Depot. She has lived and worked in North Carolina most of her life. Primarily self-taught, she has taken classes and workshops with area artists and studied various media at Central Piedmont Community College. Setzer has won awards in both painting and photography.

For further information check our NC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Guild at 704/663-6661 or visit (www.MAGart.org).

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