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February Issue 2005

Hidell Brooks Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Features Works by Arless Day

Hidell Brooks Gallery in Charlotte, NC, is presenting the exhibition, Reinvented, featuring new works by Arless Day, on view through Feb. 26, 2005.

Day builds the best of all possible worlds in his collage paintings. He creates buildings, landscapes and room interiors that could only exist in one's imagination. Day literally constructs environments from scores of images collected, cut and torn from books, magazines and catalogues to produce his unique architectural visions. After all work has first been collaged, Day then paints with an opaque watercolor called gouache.

Day offers the following about his work, "About a year ago, I decided to make some minor and major changes in my work. For one thing, I left European imagery for awhile. Even though I've never stood in front of Doge's Palace, or wondered through villas on the Riviera, or entered a castle outside Paris, my vision of those places became real to me and my work."

"In a leap of faith, I became determined to open myself up to a new approach. This led to altering the way I collaged and painted the pieces. The collage paintings are less photographic because of abstract shapes and forms that layer on top throughout the work. The painting process now is completely different in the tool I use to apply the paint. During this time my work started to be more influenced by; Henri Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn and Paul Gauguin. The impact of these artists had helped define growth in my own work," says Day.

"The goal is keeping the paintings as unique as possible, to add another flavor to the world of art. 'The places of character', I have strived towards are a little closer to home."

"The exhibition itself is a progression of change from a series of pieces revealing my Louisiana background where I was born. Eccentric on River Road, Southern Surrounding and Flowers in the Studio are a few examples. There's also a group of paintings, Sunflowers for an Abstract, Retired Luxury and The Coastal Green, showing modern interiors with high-tech lines...to the goal course landscapes with its lush greens. Shifting from interior spaces and then back to nature, keeps my work fresh," says Day.

"Art, a gift from God, continues to reveal itself to me in new forms and colors".

Day has exhibited at the Morris Museum of Art, the Asheville Museum of Art, the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Arnot Art Museum, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and the Greenville County Museum of Art.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/334-7302 or at (www.hidellbrooks.com).

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