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February Issue 2004

Jackson Gallery in Aiken, SC, Offers Works by Hollis Brown Thornton

The Jackson Gallery in historic downtown Aiken, SC, is presenting an exhibit of paintings by area native and rising artist Hollis Brown Thornton entitled, Hollis Brown Thornton: The Great Fish & Every Kind of Plant That Bears Seed, which will be on view through Feb. 14, 2004.

Thornton is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in fine arts and a focus on studio painting. "Painting breaks the tedium of drawing," says Thornton, "but I think you have to be in a painting environment to be able to paint. I find it to be a real challenge now and I love it."

The Great Fish will feature about two hundred grouped 10x10 inch paintings and several large pieces. The work is dynamic, tactile, and, " the finished painting remains as a frozen record of the actions taken in attempted accomplishment, with pieces of the self-contained history visible through the translucent layers of passage and the texture of the otherwise invisible moments of a previous stage." Thornton begins with a white ground and builds upon it with layers of paint, producing works that are deep and sublime. His subject matter and execution present reoccurring references to death and regeneration, meant to represent hope.

Thornton's work has been part of a major show at the Columbia Museum of Art, as well as in galleries throughout Columbia, SC, and Chicago, IL. He currently lives in Chicago. The Great Fish will be Thornton's first solo show in South Carolina since he moved to Chicago several years ago.

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