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February Issue 2004

Converse College in Spartanburg, SC, Features Sculptures of Doug McAbee

The Milliken Art Gallery at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC, will showcase 14 original abstract works by sculpture artist Doug McAbee from Feb. 17 through Mar. 17, 2004. The exhibit, entitled Souvenirs, is a humorous and expressive visual conversation with the viewer that utilizes bold color and familiar imagery as powerful tools for communication.

"In the early part of my career, I believe that I overlooked color as an element to my work," said McAbee, who has been a sculpture artist for 10 years. "In my more recent work, however, color is a main component to my sculptures. In Souvenirs, viewers are initially attracted by the brightness of the colors, and are left to consider the logical or illogical relationship between the colors and the images. Personal associations with the colors and images may then be considered allowing the works to take on new and perhaps unintended meanings. Each work represents a fusion of two or more images and forms that seem to change from one into another during visual inspection."

McAbee earned his BA in art and MFA in sculpture from Winthrop University, where he is an adjunct faculty member.

For more info check our SC Institutional Gallery listings, call the Milliken Art Gallery at 864/596-9181, e-mail at (art.design@converse.edu). The exhibit can be previewed at (www.sparklenet.com/conversecollege/art).

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